YouTube and Online Course Update

Hey everyone!

I have been working on updating my Advanced Statistics course to be completely online due to course changes and demands. We now teach psychology undergraduates + graduates, nursing anesthesia doctoral students, and athletic training masters students. What a mix! The course is a choose your own adventure course where students can choose R or Excel/JASP as their analysis program, and we have designed tracks of analyses to complement each student’s educational goals.

Last year, we did a blended flipped classroom, wherein students watched lectures on their own, and then came to help desk hours to ask questions and check in. This semester, we are trying a completely online design – still with many help hours for the students who are struggling. The good news is that the materials are all updated (minus some small JASP and MOTE update notes I need to make) and free for anyone to use!

In prep for an invited talk on mediation and moderation I am giving in April, you will see some videos coming soon on how to analyze each design in SPSS, JASP/Jamovi, Excel, and R. I know I have several of these already, but I am designing these specifically for my workshop. Keep an eye on the youtube page for those to come your way.

Keep trucking in the new year!


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