Structural Equation Modeling

Course description:

This course will cover an in depth exploration of structural equation modeling.  You will learn the basic concepts of SEM and how to model different types of research questions, as well as how to report these models in APA style.  Path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, and multi-group models will be several types of techniques covered.

Textbooks Used:

Course Schedule Summer Semester:

The following table provides information used for a summer schedule. Video links from the YouTube channel are attached to match course materials. All videos are recorded using R, but several AMOS assignments are included in the downloadable material.

Download all materials at our OSF page:

Topic Lecture Example Class Assignment
Introduction to Software R Studio & Commands
Missing Data & Packages
Object Types
Intro R
Data Screening Accuracy Checks
Missing Data
Example 1 Data Screening
Exploratory Factor Analysis Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Example 1 EFA Old
Terms and Concepts in SEM Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Basic Concepts
Path Analysis
PA Lecture
Estimation Lecture
PA Example Path Analysis 1
Path Analysis
Fit Indices
Lecture Example Path Analysis 2
Confirmatory Factor Analysis: Basics Lecture Example CFA: Basics
CFA: Hierarchical Models Lecture Example CFA: Hierarchical
Full Structural Models Lecture Example Full SEM
Multi-Trait Multi-Method Lecture Example MTMM
Multigroup CFA Lecture Example MGCFA 1
Latent Growth Models Lecture Example LGM
Item Response Theory Lecture Example Dichotomous IRT
Polytomous IRT