Basic Statistics

Course description:

Principles and methods of statistics used in psychology; understanding and interpreting psychological data. Typically covers descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, z-tests, t-tests, ANOVA, correlation, regression, and chi-square analyses.

Course Schedule for a 15-week Fall/Spring Semester:

The following table provides a proposed 15-week schedule for a fall or spring semester. Materials follow the Nolan and Heinzen Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences; however, course materials are also provided from the Aron, Aron, and Coups Statistics for Psychology. Video links from the YouTube channel are attached to match course materials.

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All videos are recorded by Dr. B unless noted:

  • ^ = Rebecca Knoph
  • ` = Katherine Miller
  • + = Emily Klug
  • * = Jessica Willis

Additional Videos:

Topic Video Created by
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Z-Scores & Descriptive Statistics Example 1 
Example 2
Michael Mizer
Standard Deviation Example 1 Michael Mizer
Reliability Analysis in SPSS Example 1 Katherine Miller
Random Sampling & Assignment Example 1 Cody Conner
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