All blogs have to start somewhere, so wanted to give a quick introduction. I am an Associate Professor of Quantitative Psychology and Missouri State University. I teach a lot of stuff mostly related to statistics: baby stats (undergraduate basics), advanced stats (undergraduate/graduate mix of multivariate methods), graduate stats (graduate basics), and structural equation modeling. I run the Statistics and Research Design certificate program at MSU, along with working closely with our Experimental Psychology Track in the master’s program.

My research focuses on computational linguistics and applied statistics, which you can read a whole lot more about on my website. I would describe my language work as being interested in the types and way we use psycholinguistic variables, and how these variables relate to judgments and memory. Statistically speaking, I usually help others by exploring how they might analyze their data, but more recently am interested in the way we do business in statistics (i.e. understanding the way our statistics work and function under different scenarios) and how to teach statistics.

Here on the blog, we will be posting all sorts of information including links to new help videos, discussions about statistics in the real world, promoting our research papers, and any random thoughts that might cross the brain. My goal for this information is to not only promote what we are doing as scientists, but also to be able to teach anyone interested in how we did our work and promote the open science framework.

I also have purple hair, much to the amusement of my students and small children.

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