Dr. Erin M. Buchanan

I am currently an Associate Professor of Psychology at Missouri State University. I work closely with the Experimental Psychology track in our master’s program. I teach the core statistics course, first year seminar, optional statistics courses, run comprehensive exams, and generally serve as a mentor for students who are interested in Ph.D. tracks. I teach a variety of statistics courses including: baby stats (undergraduate basics), advanced stats (undergraduate/graduate mix of multivariate methods), graduate stats (graduate basics), structural equation modeling, alternative designs, non-parametrics, and other stuff that sounds interesting at the time (Bayes). I also teach Memory and Cognition and Psychology and Language with great fervor that tends to make students think I’m a bit nuts.

John E. Scofield (Contributor/Research Collaborator)

I am currently a first year Ph.D. candidate at the University of Missouri studying cognitive neuroscience and evolutionary psychology. My current research interests revolve around episodic memory and cortical reinstatement, as well as model based neuroscience techniques. I am also interested in data simulations investigating characteristics of different types of effect sizes, as well as other methodological aspects of research design. Lastly, I am interested in understanding human sex differences and psychological mechanisms stemming from an evolutionary perspective.

Jeff Pavlacic (Contributor/Research Collaborator)

I am currently a second year graduate student at the University of Mississippi studying Clinical Psychology. I am interested in the longitudinal examination of values-based behavior, trauma, substance use disorders, scale psychometrics, and restorative justice principles applied to an organizational context.

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Jessica Willis (Help Desk/Website Builder)

Samantha G. Hunter (Help Desk/Website Builder)

I graduated with my Master’s in Experimental Psychology from Missouri State University. My primary research interests lie within judgment and decision making with an emphasis in health promotion behaviors. I am also interested in medical decision making and consumer research.

Rachel E. Monroe (Help Desk/Website Builder)

I graduated with my Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Missouri State University. One of my main interests in I/O psychology is survey design and administration. Through work with Dr. Thomas Kane and our research team, we built a survey to assess constructs in athletic contexts including leadership, competitiveness, and self-efficacy.